Digital transformation begins with clean data.

Chemical companies are investing heavily in core technologies like ERPs and CRMs. Many are attempting to build digital product catalogs, customer portals, eCommerce tools, marketplaces, recommendation engines and other digital tools.

To fully enable any of these systems, your company must feed them with clean, harmonized master data. Often overlooked, skipping this data layer leads to failed projects and lost ROI.

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We are the node that connects knowledge.

Knowde is on a mission to organize the world of chemistry. We are the masters in master data management. We solved the root of the problem holding companies back from digital transformation.

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The only data platform that builds and optimizes your master data for you.

Buying a PIM or MDM software is easy — getting your data into these systems is hard. Knowde solves this problem.

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Knowde’s AI Knowledge Engine

Our AI Knowledge Engine ingests, extracts, cleanses and harmonizes your product, customer and vendor master data. Then, we store your master data in your dedicated Data Platform, allowing the data to flow into any system.

diagram of knowdes ai knowledge enginediagram showing knowde's proprietary knowledge engine
Unpacking the AI Knowledge Engine:
pim ingest product data
pim extract data
pim cleanse and organize data
pim harmonize data

Our AI technology ingests all your data, from any file type or format.

We extract all the relevant data from every source and map it back to your structured hierarchy.

We cleanse, dedupe and classify all your data.

We map all your data to a unified taxonomy, ensuring standardization across all your systems, regions and business units.

Your central source of truth for master data.

Easily manage your accurate and comprehensive master data from within your dedicated Data Platform.

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Why distributors and suppliers trust Knowde:

What takes us three months, typically takes a supplier or distributor three years to build.

This is our core competency. We ensure your data is comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date. No other company has built all the software, AI and taxonomy systems specifically for the ingredient, polymer and chemical industries.

Purpose-built by leading chemical and software engineers, taxonomists and data scientists, Knowde’s software digitizes, stores and maintains your master data, so your digital transformation initiative can take flight.

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